Family Fun on the Trail

Family outdoor fun, scooter, trike, kids, neighborhood

Recently, we finally started getting the beautiful spring days that I dream of, with the sunshine and warm air that just screams, “come on outside!!” So we’ve started taking the girls out for some family walks/rides on the newly completed Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail, which is amazing, by the way. We usually just stick to the paved portion near our house, but it is super fun and has such pretty views, and the girls absolutely love it. Well, Andie’s still trying to get the hang of the whole pedal action on her trike, hence the jump rope we used to pull her along at times, haha, but Ellie is rockin’ and rollin’ on her scooter that we got her last year for her birthday. Watching her on it this year compared to last fall when she got it is like night and day. She’s so much more steady and confident on it, and hardly ever falls anymore. This might seem like small peanuts to most, but considering the fact that I think she inherited my (not-so-stellar) coordination skills, this is sort of a big deal. ;) So one night when we were out, I decided to bring my camera along and get some fun pictures of our little adventure. Hope you enjoy, and maybe even reminisce a little about being a carefree young kid, just outside enjoying the warm air as you ride/bike/scooter your way around the neighborhood. I hope these memories of our family strolls are ones that my kids will keep with them as they get older, I know I will surely look back on them fondly. :)