Well, Hello!

A little bit about me...

Hello and welcome! I'm Janelle, a Lititz, PA based wedding and lifestyle photographer, music lover, ice cream fanatic, wife, and mom of 2 precious little girls. I'm definitely not what you would call the life of the party. I'm more of the laid-back type, but admittedly, I can be a little neurotic. However, you probably wouldn't notice that unless you got to know me pretty well. In fact, my husband didn't realize it until he found out that I have very specific ideas about how a bowl of cereal with milk should be prepared, for example. But everyone has their issues. One thing is true though, I very much cherish one-on-one conversations with people. I believe everyone has a unique story to tell and a purpose to live out. If I could have dozens of weekly coffee dates with people, just to hang out and have good conversations, I totally would, but of course that's a little tough sometimes with 2 little ones at home to chase after. ;)   


So how did I get into this gig? Once upon a time, after college, I stumbled upon photography, started researching and learning, bought myself my first DSLR, and totally fell in love. Over the past several years I've been able to turn what I love into a business that has enabled me to photograph so many special moments, from couples to families, from sweet engagements to beautiful weddings. The best part is being able to meet so many wonderful people and hear everyone's unique story.

Thanks for dropping by! I would love to hear your story and capture your special moments! Let's chat!

These are a few of my favorite things... *Julie Andrews' voice*

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