Andie's 1st Birthday


And just like that, Andie is a year old! I know they say it goes fast, and it's definitely going faster the second time around. Side note, it's getting way harder to take pictures of her nowadays. I used to be able to just sit her down and be able to snap a bunch of pics. But now, as soon as I put her down and grab my camera, she's already wandering away. I got a workout just trying to grab a few pics of her with my cute backdrop! Lol. And of course, she insisted on holding her beloved Target gift card the entire time. :)  

It's been so much fun seeing her personality develop more, and it's fascinating just watching her facial expressions and wondering what she's thinking as she observes everything around her. She's not walking yet, just loving cruising around the furniture instead. She's also becoming a lot more talkative, well, baby talk at least. The only thing that's really clear is when she says, "Uh Oh", which is quite frequently. And one of my favorite sounds in the world is her adorable laugh. Sometimes I wish she would stay little like this a while longer, since this is such a fun stage. But then I remember thinking the same thing about her big sister, and she's turning out pretty great. And I am loving seeing the increased interaction between the two of them, and how they actually are starting to play together now, the older Andie gets. I'm just doing my best not to blink. :) 

We had a nice little birthday celebration at my parents' house, complete with chocolate birthday cupcakes courtesy of my mom. For Ellie's first birthday, we did a big party, but in reality that was really more for Matt and I, to celebrate the fact that we made it through the whole year raising our first baby. ;) This time, we figured a nice little intimate gathering of family would suffice. It's not like the babies remember it anyway, right? Lol. It was still a cute little party, and she had lots of fun. Here were some of my favorites of her first experience with chocolate...I think she liked it! :) 

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Andie! We love you so much!!