Christian & Kenna // Family Session

Erbs Mill Bridge, family session, Lititz

The last time I did pictures with Christian and Kenna’s family, it was fall of 2016, and they had 5 kiddos, the youngest being baby Parley. Now, two and a half years later, Parley is the cutest little toddler, and they have added another baby to the crew, little Ollie. So Ollie is number six, after Oscar, Felix, Lyra, Archer, and Parley. It was so neat to see how much all the kids have changed and grown over the last couple of years! Time sure seems to go fast, and I feel like it was just a year ago that I last did pictures with this sweet family, not two and a half years ago!

For our session, we decided to check out the Erb’s Mill Covered Bridge in Lititz. We had originally planned our session for Friday, the day before, but then ended up having to reschedule it for Saturday. But it worked out perfectly because Friday’s weather would’ve been less than ideal for pictures, and Saturday evening it was gorgeous outside! The biggest downside of doing pictures at a covered bridge like that is having to pause periodically for the cars driving by. But it turned into a little game of “who can spot a car coming first!” And it helped give the kids a break from having to stand still very long for pictures since we had to keep moving off the road to let cars pass. But they all did so well! And it was fun watching the kiddos take the occasional break by tossing sticks and stones in the creek that runs under the bridge, while I would do pictures with smaller groups of the siblings and pictures of each kid individually.

Check out some of my favorites from our session:

The boys wanted to do a few pictures with their jerseys, and this sequence of images shows what happened when they tried to give me their best “serious game face.” Priceless :)

Of course, in all of my family sessions, I always try to get a couple of pictures of just mom and dad, since that is usually something most parents, especially parents of little ones, have very few of, but I think it’s super important to have.

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