Andie's 2nd Birthday

2nd birthday party, 2 years old, balloons, laughter

My little girl just turned 2. I know I say it all the time, but it’s always hard to believe how fast time is flying by. She still feels like my little baby, and of course, she’ll always be my little baby in some ways, but she’s reminding us every day how much she is growing and changing. She is picking up new words and phrases seemingly every day, many of which have us cracking up laughing on a regular basis. She’s getting very good at making her opinions known and articulating what she’s thinking. Of course there are still times I have absolutely no idea what she’s saying, but she’ll get closer and closer to my face and repeat what she’s trying to say, with more emphasis and volume every time, until I finally figure it out. She’s also quick to laugh and is such a snuggle bug. Ellie was never super cuddly, so I really enjoy that Andie is such a snuggler, frequently cozying up and giving big hugs, which of course melt my heart, especially when they’re accompanied with a sweet “I wuf you, Mama” :)

Since Andie is one of the several February birthdays in my family, we do sort of a combined little party for her, my Grandpa, and myself. Well, my Mom’s birthday is also in February, but I don’t think she likes writing her own name on the cakes she makes ;) So behind the 2 on the cake it says “Jen” (which is what my family has always called me), “Andie”, and “Jay” is my Grandpa. Side note, I have to give props here to my Mom for the most amazing birthday cakes she makes every year. Growing up, I have always loved her chocolate cake, and to this day, I think it is still my all time favorite cake!

We did a simple Frozen theme for Andie’s birthday, since both girls are still big fans. We kept it pretty low key, with just some fun table decor and hanging decorations. And of course, balloons. They were probably the big favorite, since I mean, kids always love balloons, and these simple latex balloons that I picked up at the grocery store for the party have lasted over 2 weeks still afloat, which is amazing!

It was fun to see how much better Andie has gotten at opening gifts this year, compared to her birthday last year. Of course, at one year old, she didn’t really have a clue as to what was going on. But this year, she was all over those presents and knew exactly what to do. One of my favorite gifts Andie got, from my Mom, was Color Wonder markers and coloring books. She has been so into coloring and drawing lately, and these are the perfect thing for toddlers since they only write on the color wonder paper. No mess on furniture and walls = happy mom. Whoever invented color wonder is a genius and I think it’s one of the greatest kid products out there.

I don’t know about you, but I think toddlers playing with balloons is one of the best things to watch. Andie had so much fun with these balloons, and her laughter was contagious :)

One of the funniest things of the night though, was when my Mom brought out the birthday cake and we all started singing to her. Previously, I had tested out the Happy Birthday song, and every time I tried to sing it to her, she would say, “Stop, Mama.” But I figured she would be excited about the cake. I’m not sure if it was the candle flames or what, but she was not too happy about it. The first picture is the face she made when her cake started approaching. After the candles were gone, she got a little curious, and then by the time that chocolaty goodness hit her taste buds, she was sold :)

Here are a just a few more cute pictures from her birthday. Anyone remember those dolls with the bottles of milk, where the milk disappears and comes back? I remember having them as a kid, and I had no idea they still made them! I love watching Andie “feed” her baby and take care of her, so sweet!

Hope you enjoyed the little recap of Andie’s 2nd birthday!