Friday Favorites #3

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Happy Friday, welcome to week #3 of Friday Favorites! This week is pretty random, so hang in there.

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  1. Meaningful Time with Mom Friends: Okay, so that title might be confusing with the picture. But let me explain. My church has a group for moms that meets a couple times a month, and I’ve been involved in it since my first kiddo was born 5 years ago. I know many times mothers (especially new moms) struggle with feelings of isolation, and I firmly believe finding a group to connect with can make such a difference in maintaining sanity and thriving in motherhood. This group does just that. It is full of fellow moms that encourage and support each other, and I have loved being a part of it for the past several years. Anyway, this week, we had a craft day. And while you might think, Janelle’s a photographer, I’m sure she loves crafts… It’s kinda the opposite, actually. I’m very un-crafty, if that’s a word, haha. At least when it comes to scrapbooking type projects. But I figured, it’s a morning I get to spend with some of my favorite mom friends, I’ll go ahead and do the craft thing. And it turned out to be a lot of fun. We made greeting cards, and I’m actually pretty impressed with myself for making these neat little cards here. Side note: the mom that led our craft day has her own shop of cute home decor stuff that she makes, and you can check her out here: So if you’re a mom, go find yourself some mom friends, they’re such a blessing.

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2. John Crist: Another one of my favorite things is people who can make me laugh. Sometimes that includes my mom friends, and sometimes it’s hilarious comedians like John Crist. I won’t even say much about him because you just need to go listen to him for yourself. When asked about his inspiration, he says, “Shoot, I grew up in the deep south, my dad is a pastor, and I was the third of eight homeschooled children. My first job was at Chick-fil-A. Coming from a background like that, how do you NOT write jokes?!” I mean, I didn’t grow up in the deep south, but I find so many of his jokes so relatable.

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3. Homemade Soy Yogurt: So my house is mostly dairy free. I say mostly, because I just can’t give up my regular ice cream. I just can’t. But we love almond milk, and I was always trying to find a good non-dairy yogurt that we liked, but they’re all pretty expensive. So I decided to start making my own. It’s really not as hard as it sounds. And while I would love to explain it all here, I think I’ll save that for another day, since that warrants its own post. But I will say, it’s yummy, pretty easy, and way cheaper than the store bought kind, and with way fewer ingredients.

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4. Vitamin Water: Matt brought this to my attention, and it’s sort of more of a favorite of his, but I do enjoy vitamin water, especially the zero kind sweetened with stevia instead of sugar. But the thing I want to draw attention to is their creative marketing. Have any of you noticed the fine print little tidbits that they put on their labels? They have different things on the different flavors, like this one here lists the times that people in various jobs wake up in the morning, which is kind of funny. Some of them are pretty amusing. So next time you see the vitamin water shelf, be sure to check out the labels for a good laugh.

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5. Paper Mate Profile Ball Point Pens: And last but certainly not least is my new favorite pen. I’m sure you all have a favorite kind of pen that you love. And I’m sure these are not new at all, but I found this one at home recently, no idea where it came from, but I instantly fell in love. It writes so smooth and has such a nice cushion for your grip. So if you ever wondered what my favorite kind of pen is, I know you were all dying to know, it’s this one.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s very random, but super useful assortment of Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend!!