Jim & Dani // Rustic Maine Wedding

rustic maine wedding bridge

When we met Jim and Dani in August 2016, I had no idea that almost exactly 2 years later, we would be shooting their wedding. My husband Matt and I had driven from PA to Maine to photograph a gorgeous lakeside wedding (in which Jim was the best man), and then to my surprise, when he and Dani got engaged that fall, they contacted us and asked us to come back to Maine and shoot their wedding! I couldn't have been more excited to come back to beautiful Maine and hang out with this awesome couple! 

Dani and Jim are such a power couple, like literally. They are the perfect mix of brains and athleticism. Not only have they thrived in their work in the biotechnology and computer science fields, but also in fitness. Between rugby and crossfit, and all the other sports they've played, I'm pretty sure they're 2 of the strongest people I know. 

While Jim and Dani did have a lot in common and a mutual love of sports and fitness, it was actually Tinder that brought them together, after much reluctance and hesitation about the popular dating app. But it didn't take long for them to realize that they had a real true connection and the rest is history. 

While preparing for their wedding day, we all kept a constant watch on the weather, as there was a good chance for showers throughout the day. But fortunately, the weather cooperated and the most rain we got the entire day was a tiny sprinkling on the way to the ceremony, but that was it! For the ceremony location, Dani and Jim had picked out a beautiful old covered bridge to say their "I Do's."  Growing up in Lancaster County, PA, surrounded by fields and Amish farms, I have seen plenty of covered bridges, but this one might just take the cake, or in Jim and Dani's case, cupcake. Somehow, this bridge lets in just enough natural light from not one, but both sides. By the time we arrived at the ceremony location, it had stopped raining and everyone was excited and ready for a wedding! 

Jim and Dani, we were so honored you chose us to capture your beautiful wedding day, and we enjoyed every minute of it! 

I love that Dani wasn't afraid to do away with traditional fancy wedding shoes, in favor of comfy mint Toms :) 

Since the wedding was taking place in a fairly remote location, the whole wedding party was staying at and getting ready in this awesome rustic house they found through Airbnb. 

Reading the card Dani wrote him before he got ready. 

Obviously it only takes guys like 10 minutes to get ready, so this is what they do with the rest of their "getting ready" time...

These dudes take Star Wars pretty seriously. Gotta love groomsmen who will all wear Star Wars-themed socks for a wedding ;) 

I'm so glad Jim and Dani opted to do a first look, especially since we didn't know how much time we would have for portraits outside after the ceremony, depending on the weather. It was such a special moment, it eased all those pre-ceremony nerves and stress, so they could just relax and enjoy seeing each other without a hundred people watching. And it was the perfect time for Jim to give Dani the first of her 2-part wedding band. I mean, how sweet is this? 

Just stunning, Dani!

Fortunately, this was the only time Dani needed to break out an umbrella. 

Cutest little ring bearer, with his adorable mint bow tie and suspenders ;) 

They creatively opted for a twist on the unity element of the ceremony and incorporated Jim's family's business. 


Knowing this adventurous couple, it was no surprise that they wanted to make the hike down to the river for portraits after the ceremony, but it was totally worth it, as it really was an amazing spot for pictures!

And now, time to party!

Dani once told us that when she was little, her father used to give her a gift and she would seemingly be disappointed, always wanting something more perfect, no matter how awesome the gift. He used to tell her, "I give you a horse, and you want a zebra". Well, Dani and Jim, with this weekend, the venue, and your finding each other, I can confidently say, you have both found your zebras. May you, together, find many more...

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