Matt & Ruby // Wedding

bride and groom portrait

I was really curious what their wedding would be like when Matt and Ruby told me it would be at a new barn venue, but pictures would take place at a trailer park, because the pond behind it had sentimental value, and include Matt's bright yellow Mustang. And then there were going to be a few surprises during the ceremony and reception. Sounds like the makings of an interesting wedding, right? I knew the bride and groom a little bit already from shooting the weddings of a couple of their friends, but I really didn't know what to expect from this one. I was pleasantly surprised. The day unfolded beautifully, the forecasted storms held off, and all of the different styles and flavors combined with the fun surprises to make this one of the most memorable weddings we've done. Without further ado, here's how the day went down. 

Simply stunning bride.

Here's the bride with her lovely mother and grandmother. 

Beautiful girls.

The ceremony and reception both took place in this beautiful new barn that was finished just recently. The reception was prepared in the upper level while the ceremony took place in this simple but gorgeous lower level. I loved how all the windows on the one side let in so much beautiful natural light. 

The first surprise was when the flower girl, Ruby's daughter sang a song after walking down the aisle. Seriously, so cute.  

Ruby's oldest son walked her down the aisle, and it was hard to not get choked up...

...especially when he gave his mom the sweetest kiss on the head before handing her off to her groom. 

Clearly this groom doesn't care at all about his car...just kidding! The mustang needed to make its own big appearance on their wedding day!

So that's the trick to keeping your car looking so nice, you gotta use a wedding gown for that special shine!

groom cleans mustang wheels with bride's wedding dress

I was a little nervous when they said "pictures at a trailer park," but to my relief, they really meant pictures at this little meadow with a pond and gazebo behind a trailer park. Much easier to work with, haha. 

Might just be my new favorite barn! So bright and open while retaining that rustic feel. 

And of course, one of my favorite parts of a reception is the cake, because well, I just love cake, especially ones that are both beautiful and delicious, like this one.  

In between the speeches and toasts, Ruby's mom surprised her with a song. 

Oh, how I love capturing the first dance between the newlyweds. 

And then another surprise song by the bride's sister and niece. 

But of course the bride had her own surprise for everyone at the reception when she and her sister got up and performed the famous "Sisters" from White Christmas, which is one of my favorite Christmas movies, so I thoroughly enjoyed this. 

And then, it was party time. 

The storms held off and clouds moved aside to make way for a gorgeous sunset, so of course we had to sneak outside for some golden hour pictures. 

There was Latin music, country music, shirtless groomsmen with cowboy hats, and who could forget the competitive breakdancers! Quite the party!

Congrats Matt and Ruby! And thanks for having us be a part of your special day, we had a blast! We wish you the best as you start your new life together! 


And thanks to all who played a part in this wonderful wedding day...

Venue: Eby's Barn

Wedding Dress: Tiffany's Bridal Boutique

Hairdresser: Scarlett Garcia 

Flowers: Royer's Flowers

Catering: Shady Maple Banquets & Catering

Appetizers/Catering: Torres Family Bakery

Wedding Cake: Achenbach's Pastries

Videographer: Eric and Doris Diaz

DJ: Red Tie Affairs

Breakdancers: Alexander Diaz and Jesus Presinal

Photography: Janelle Goss Photography (formerly J.GossPhotography)